Master the Art of Essay Writing in 30 Minutes

By | February 23, 2017

Essay WritingSo you have an essay to write and you are aiming at scoring maximum marks in your essay. You want your essays to win you maximum marks and you want no compromises on that. Luckily, any kind of essay follows the same track, the content in between is gathered easily if you follow the right steps. Essay writing may not be a rocket science but it is a skill that you must learn in order to make the most of the available time you have till the deadline is over. Follow the simple steps and learn excellent essay writing under less than 30 minutes!

  • Pick up the pen and get writing. A good essay topic gives a lot of essay writing help. So you want to make sure that the topic you choose is carefully selected and that the topic is selected through the right strategy. Try not to pick something too common because readers would not want to read something they have read many times before unless you have something interesting to talk about that. Choose from a list of brainstormed titles.
  • Start creating an outline with the help of the article title you chose. Think about the stuff you can write in the essay. If the essay is based on 500 words, you should have nearly 300 to 350 words for the main body of your essay. So find out enough content to write within the remaining words and then make an outline with their help. After the outline is ready, start omitting the lines you don’t find too relevant to the essay title. Now you have the content in front of you that you can write about in the essay.
  • Start writing the essay now. Take one point from the outline and explain it in your essay using very interesting vocabulary. Choose just the right words in order to make sure you are not using difficult vocabulary. The difficulty level of the words should be low so that the readers can enjoy reading instead of looking up the meanings of the words every now and then. Keep the vocabulary interesting and use creative vocabulary. Also, do not be very repetitive too.
  • Once you have written the whole essay, your last step is to proofread your work. Proofreading is a very important step as we skip silly mistakes in our work and we never know that they exist within our work. Those mistakes can make your essay look poor in quality so always take time in proofreading. Get a friend’s help in proofreading if you can find someone to help you. You work is ready to submit after proofreading.

Essay writing through a proper procedure can insure you good marks and you can learn it through a simple procedure. Some essays however are too difficult to write and you can hire help for those. Essay writing services provide well written essays on all subjects and every type of easy and difficult topics within a deadline of your choice.