A Career In Academia: Pros And Cons

By | November 8, 2019

Most people prefer an academic career after completing their education. They like to academia life than industrial life. Let’s discuss why people prefer to choose an academic career and what the hurdles are in their academic career. If you want to get more information about career options, you can contact with essay writing service UK.


  • Freedom of choice: One of the most important benefits to choose an academic career is complete freedom. After getting independence, student is able to choose his favorite industry. Choosing a favorite industry offers many opportunities to gain success in life. You will be able to set your own learning routine. A student is independent in choosing his working hours.
  • Flexible working hours: If we see in offices and other private jobs, we are bound to follow all the rules and regulation of the institute. However, in academia, you have inclusive freedom to choose your working hour. You will not feel any burden related to your work. For example, if you are wanting to get rest then you will able to take complete rest, on the other hand, you will not get complete freedom in choosing your working hours.
  • Freedom in choosing a topic: In academia, a person is free to choose a topic. As we compare it with industry, it is more flexible. In academia, you can do research and choose a topic. On the other hand, in the industry, you cannot choose a topic. In the industry, your boss will tell you a topic and you have to work on it. So, working in the academic offers you a good and tension free life, you can make your decisions and can get chances to gain success in life. Academic career offers the best work in the independent research and in the consultant topic. By working in academia, you can inspire a new generation. Most people who have postdoctoral position play a vital role in academia, because, they feel interested to teach the other students. It is very supporting point for the new students.
  • A network of international relations: As we know that academic offer independent project, in which a person cannot work alone. However, surviving alone is most difficult in the work; therefore, you can make many communities and can do your favorite work. Working in academia offers you many opportunities to build up international relationships. So, in the academic your future is more bright and outstanding.
  • Academic offers you good stability and compensation: If we see in the industries, you can join them with complete experience and a good stable life, however, academic don’t want your stable life, good position, indeed, and it gives you many opportunities to gain success in the life. If you gave research a good position, you will able to get good job.


  • Less money: Although academic career gives you many opportunities, yet, you cannot earn too much money. In a respectable institute, you will be free to choose your working hours and you will prefer to less working hours. Hardworking gives you more money but having less time working will not include your money. You can find good academic research but not good salaries.
  • Pressure and competition: This is the most famous quote about academia: “perish or publish”.  As we know that academia gives you complete freedom to search your favorites’ topic but producing a good piece of writing is very competitive place. When people get freedom of time in searching a topic then they invest a large amount of time in searching a good topic. So, academic is very competitive place where people find hardly a good place. However, building up your career in the academic creates pressure and depression. In the situation of anxiety people are unable to enjoy their life.
  • Tenure positions are decreasing: Making a good future and developing a good career is not an easy task while you are working in academia. There is no guarantee that you will achieve all your dreams or not. When a student gets admission to the university, he can watch a bright future after completing his study, but in the academic, you will not find job security, benefits, and low wages.
  • Short contracts: Most people want to choose the academic world due to short contracts, but they don’t realize that it is not good for them. For example, if you are searching a good topic and you have make good research but your contract is too short, so, your hardworking will waste. Many contracts positions are unstable in academia.