Essay Diaries – How I Won My Essay

By | November 14, 2015

Essay DiariesAs I was sitting one day reading my essay to my friend, I recalled how I first started writing stories. I grew up in a house of quarrels. My parents were fighting with each other most of the time. That used to lead me into deep depression at times. I started writing down small notes in my diary about how I would one day live a peaceful life. I used to create stories about happy families living in harmony and bliss. Time went by and I reached the first year of University and searched for essay writing service to use it for future. It was the English class, which made me realize, that writing your thoughts on paper is not the same as writing an academic essay.


I found out that essay writing can have various writing styles and requires different ways of thinking. Since I was already fond of writing, it didn’t take much time for me to grasp the concept. Having said that, there was still a lot of work to do! I found out the writing we were doing at school and college is not the only style. There are many other ways and methods, an essay can be written in. I needed to learn all those methods in order to write a fine piece in my final year. Previously, I was taught that expressing your thoughts in a five paragraph essay is an acceptable writing style. But, now knowing that there are many other techniques and writing structures, I needed to adapt to new and exciting ways.


One thing I learned about university level essay writing was, I have to come up with questions related to understanding criteria of custom dissertation, writing assignments and focus on justifying the answers with convincing evidences. I learned that writing an excellent introduction is the key to a successful thesis. I need to introduce my story in such a way that it raptures the readers’ attention and they want to continue reading it. The body of my paper should take my intense introduction to the next level. Finally, the conclusion should restate all the main points that I made in the body. In the learning process, I also came across the importance of editing and proofreading my rough draft. I never paid much attention to this earlier and may be, that’s why I could never write a winning essay before. I started getting in to the habit of proofreading everything I wrote and corrected all errors before writing the final draft.


The proper editing technique removed all grammatical mistakes from my paper and I teachers found a smooth flow in my writing. To made my essays error free and formatting a dissertation, I used a variety in vocabulary, sentence structure, voice and ideas. I always asked other people to read and critique my work before submitting it. This helped me enormously, as it gave a right idea of how to keep the readers’ engaged and interested in reading. Having learned all the valuable skills and techniques through years of training helped me write an award winning essay. I still cannot believe to this day, when I finished reading the essay to my friend, how I won it.