Type of Interview That Deals with Job Evaluation

Interviews are the most popular methods used in job evaluation. The interview provides an opportunity to test the candidate capabilities. In the resume of any candidate, there are strong chances of false information. An interview is a way to judge if the given information is true or false. For better job evaluation, the practical performance… Read More »

Impact Of Reward System On Employee Performance

The reward is the name of such thing that is given to an employee after recognizing his services, efforts and achievements. An organization can provide a reward to their employees in the various ways like lunch with the boss, themed team lunch, company apparel, a certificate of achievement, recognizing the services of employees before the… Read More »

Why Is It Important to Study History in University?

Introduction Entire societies, and the people inside them, advantage from gaining a deeper information of history. It is very important to study history in university to develop an Understanding of the world. Through history, we are able to learn the way beyond societies, systems, ideologies, governments. Cultures and technology have been constructed, how they operated,… Read More »

Social Media Tactics to Build Truly Presence of Business

Social media has proven beneficial for business over the last two decades. It is the best way to send brand messaging to the right people. There are lots of benefits of social media websites for your business. It is the best way for faster and easier communication. It plays a vital role in networking and… Read More »

A Characteristic Analysis of Precis Writing

Writing is not a simple task. Converting your thought into words that fully communicate the meaning you actually want the reader to understand is absolutely the toughest task. Writing is referred to as an art, an art that needs proficiency and skills. It not only requires creative skills but also analytical and critical thinking skills.… Read More »

Dissertation Layout and Structure for UK Students

Dissertation is the most important academic project in student’s academic journey. When students have to start working on dissertation they have to critically decide about the topic of the dissertation. According to the experts and researchers opinion, the success of the dissertation is dependent on the right selection of the topic. The second most important… Read More »

What Is Kolb Reflective Cycle? Detailed Information

Humans are being involved in the process of learning and thinking since their creation. Many theories about learning were proposed by different philosophers but the one that is widely accepted and recognized is Kolb Reflective Cycle. It was proposed by David Kolb. According to Kolb learning is practical, empirical, and self-driven where a person learns… Read More »

Does Your Appearance Reflect Your Personality? Things to Know

We have been hearing about it since our childhood, ‘do not judge a book by its cover’, but it did not stop us from judging other people by their looks.  There are so many of us who form opinions about others just by their appearance and how they look. When someone is dressed casually, we… Read More »