How to Divide Dissertation into Meaningful Chapters

By | July 14, 2020

How to Divide DissertationA dissertation is a lengthy document that involves extensive research and proficiency in various skills for its completion. It is probably the longest piece of writing you have ever come across and the majority of students face difficulties throughout the process. But if you will have a clear understanding of the structure of the dissertation project, you can start your work without hesitation.

Even if you buy dissertation online, you should know that fact that dissertation is divided into various chapters each of which needs to be organized in a proper manner to get the understanding of your work. You need to introduce readers to background information about the selected topic and highlight new conclusions and ideas. Each part of your dissertation is depicting a particular idea and is related to the other part in some ways. In order to get a deep understanding of the subject material you have to divide your dissertation in various chapters for the organization of this complex academic document. Below is the chapter classification of a dissertation that will help you to get a clear idea while structuring your work.


It is among the most important chapters of the dissertation that provide a summary of the entire dissertation. In the introduction, you need to highlight the significance of your topic, tell readers about your point of view regarding it and why it is important. You will discuss that from which perspective you will be going to tackle the topic and what your objective behind the study is. Your opening chapter should prepare the audience for what is coming next.

Literature Review:

It is another vital part of your dissertation that requires certain skills for its completion. This chapter will analyse the research that has been already made on the topic and provide a clear picture of available and relevant information about the topic. This part of the dissertation foregrounds your knowledge of the particular field, understanding of the available literature and deep analysis of the information. Literature review is important as it will reveal all the important aspect of your chosen area of study. You have a utilized a good amount of time while gathering and researching information on your topic now you need to make it a part of your work so the reader must clearly understand your point of view.

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Methods and Materials:

This chapter of the dissertation should discuss the methods you have used to gather data and analyse your subject material. You must consider it as a crucial part of your dissertation because a small weakness and mistake in your methodology will lead to drastic implications. It can invalidate your findings and become a reason for ruining your future grades.

Begin with a clear description of the methods that you have used to solve a given research problem and provide a clear explanation of the basic components. Describe what these methods are about and how you have utilized them in your study. Highlight the ways in which you are going to execute these methods. After reading this chapter your readers should have a clear understanding that why you decided to use these methods to answer a particular research question?

Results and Discussions:

This chapter is the core of your research work that contains the results of your research, their analysis and your sub-conclusion. You need to showcase your research findings in the chapter that can include experimental results, data that answer your research questions and other information. You can also use figures and tables to highlight your results. Classify the chapter into sections and subsections. Keep things simple and structure the chapter carefully so that your readers may not lose focus. Make it clear through the facts on which you have constructed your findings.

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It is the final part that summarizes your research by pinpointing all the aspects of your paper. Your conclusion will include a brief overview of your study, discuss your findings and make conclusions about the research questions and hypothesis. Some other chapters that are also included in a dissertation project are title page, table of contents, acknowledgements, abstract, list of figures and tables, reference list and appendices.

You need to research about the structure of a dissertation project and how it can be divided into meaningful chapters to present it in the best form. While every chapter is significant, you need to make sure that you are providing relevant information regarding each aspect of your project.  Dissertation project will take a lot of time and effort for its completion so make sure that you make wise decisions while working on your project.