How To Spend Your Time During Coronavirus Lockdown

By | March 16, 2020

Spend Time During Coronavirus LockdownCOVID-19 is the term you must be hearing most often nowadays right? This virus is highly mutating, because of which it is giving a tough time to prepare its vaccine. Unfortunately, there is no cure or medicine for this novel virus. We do not know how much time it will take the vaccine to get ready. WHO has declared it a pandemic, as it has affected thousands of people around the globe. The world is going through a rough phase. There is the worst outbreak of coronavirus, life is paralyzed and people are locked down in their homes. All the daily activities and gatherings have been halted. All the flights, fashion shows, concerts have been cancelled. Now when schools and offices are closed, movie tickets are useless, people are stuck are in their homes. How will you spend your time during this lockdown is the question that arises now. Let us find some serious and some not so serious activities as suggested by coursework writing services to pass time for you:

  • Teach Yourself A New Skill

Remember the time, when you have to go all out to learn any new skill. But now, it is a digital age. You don’t always have to go out to learn something new rather you have a tablet with internet in your hand. You have everything in front of you with just one touch. You have hundreds of results for just one simple search, but you don’t have time for all this in daily busy life.

So, get the advantage of this time when you are locked down and have nothing to do. Teach yourself some new lucrative skills. Grab a phone or a laptop, and scroll down the videos or articles that might interest you. Learn how to play the guitar, learn photography, a new language, graphic designing, cooking to name a few. Or just simply take up an online course.

  • Read a book

Read some good books to improve your knowledge as well as mental health. Make the best out of this time and develop a reading habit. Reading a book is the best thing you can do in your spare time. It will help you with your mental or spiritual growth. It can prove to be a helping hand in improving your vocabulary, speaking, writing and learning skills. It will increase emotional intelligence. Technology or the internet can never be a substitute for books.

  • Binge-watch

In today’s age, binge-watching something in your free time is one of the best entertainment available. It is the age of YouTube or Netflix. The younger generation is more likely to spend free time binge-watching TV shows or series. You can find hundreds of movies or TV shows recommendations with just one tap. Go through these recommendations, find the best series, grab some chips or coffee and binge watch it.

  • Cook

Cooking can actually make your free time worth it. It is a great stress-relieving activity. Get in the kitchen, open the YouTube, search for your favorite food recipe and there you go! Spend your time in cooking your favorite dish, making potato cheese balls or baking a yummy cake. You will have the best time of your life believe us.

  • Cleaning

You may find it troublesome but some people enjoy this, don’t be surprised. Some people find comfort in cleaning. Imagine getting your work done and spending a good time doing the same stuff, interesting right? Organize your clothes, your bookshelf or maybe a kitchen. Find different ways to make cleaning fun. Make a list of household chores, play some music, work against the clock and enjoy your time.

  • Record Or Vlog

Record your daily routine or talk to a camera. It is the best thing you can do staying at home during the lockdown. You can do this even without being a regular blogger. Do it for your Instagram or Snapchat. Just be yourself and start shooting. It’s fun. You just need a camera and there you go.

  • Video games

Stuck indoors? We all know the feeling. Video games are the best indoor activity. Almost every other person from children to adults enjoys playing video games while relaxing on a couch. It is a great way of escaping stress or monotonous routine.

  • Paint

If you love painting, or even if you do not, it is a great opportunity for you to try doing some. Art always gives you inner peace and comfort. It nurtures you emotionally. It uplifts your creative abilities. It is a productive brain activity. Hold a brush and canvas and paint whatever you like. Art is always fun!