How Technology is Making Students Helpless in Education

By | December 15, 2020

Technology in EducationWhile people generally believe that technology has enhanced the performance of students and made them more capable and talented, the critics believe that technology has only helped students in doing what they could not do on their own and is making them helpless in education. Many people have argued with this point of view, but the more it was studied and explored, it was discovered that it holds to a large extent. The reason behind this is that technology has made things very easy for them; what was previously tough is now easy because students can find the solution online with assignment help firms. They have to open the internet, type the problem, and get the answer in seconds. These days, students no longer fear their course or textbooks or critical questions because they know they will find the answer even to the toughest of questions.

Instead of making them work harder, technology has made them lazy and helpless. Now students do not want to work hard or focus as they know they will find the solution, and they have to work on this solution to do well instead of finding the solution the first time. Teachers want students to work hard and do everything on their own, but they also know that students can reach out to an extensive database of education with just a swipe of their finger. The benefits of technology cannot be denied; it has made things so good for us what it has also made students helpless in education. This article highlights some of the ways technology has made students helpless and why students are becoming more dependent on technology for getting answers rather than working hard and doing things on their own.

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These days’ students rely too much on technology, and this is making them weak. Whether it is to read a newspaper or just to find some information about an accident that took place a day before, students look up to the internet to get it for them. They have to type the relevant keywords, and they get multiple options to find the best information. This is making them lazy, and they have begun to take technology for granted. They do not strive to open the newspaper or even a book to know about something they want. This is making them helpless and too much dependent as without technology, they are lost.

Technology has closed all other doors for students; no matter what type of problem they are facing, be it academic, personal, or even related to their career, they will look up the internet to find answers. Their research, writing, and editing skills have become limited to the internet and typing, and they have forgotten how to write on paper and how to take notes as they have iPad, tablets, and laptops, but they will not be able to find a pen at the time of need. This makes things tough for them at later stages when teachers or employers expect them to take notes by hand and do paperwork, and they are not able to cope up with things.

Technology has been found to cause more distraction among students; the reason being that when students begin to focus on the device in their hand, their ability to hear or focus diminishes, and this happens mostly when they are in the class. Whether it is the mobile phone or the laptop, once students start using them, they forget everything else and look for solutions even when they are right in front of them. Not only this but technology is also impairing students’ ability to retain information from the class as they are busy on the phone and fail to pay attention to what the teacher said or what was discussed during the class.

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A study report was published recently, and it revealed that most of the students who scored low were the ones who divided their time between cellphones and laptops. The study also went on to suggest that students believed they could divide their time between technology and class lectures, but they fail miserably as it diverted their attention, and they ended up with low scores as their attention was badly affected. Technology has helped students immensely in education, but it has also rendered them helpless in certain cases. It is up to the teachers and students to realize how they can avail the benefits of technology for education without letting its negative impacts affect students in and outside the classroom.