How To Structure Your Thesis And Approach Writing It? How Long Does It Take

By | November 17, 2018

During an academic career, a student will have to write a lot of academic papers in the form of an essay, assignment, coursework, dissertation, and thesis. These academic papers have different structures. Therefore, before commencing a thesis writing task, we should get a clear idea about its structure and format. If you don’t write a thesis in the professional structure and format, then you can’t get the best grades. If you don’t have enough idea about the structure of a thesis, then you can get help from the dissertation Proposal writing services. The structure of a thesis along with an approach to writing a thesis is explained below;

  • Title page

In the structure of a thesis, first of all, there comes a title page. A title page of a thesis is also known as a front page of a thesis. A title page of a thesis should be eye-catching. The main things to write on a title page are your name, your educational program, and the administration number of the student.

  • Information page

Information page can provide more information that is not found in the title page of a thesis. In an information page, you can write your topic, detailed information about the advisor, and detailed information about your educational program.

  • Preface

A preface is a personal note of a student in a thesis. On a preface, a student can provide enough information about the background of a thesis. In a preface, it is also necessary for the students to thank all of them who have provided help while writing a thesis.

  • Acknowledgment

Like the preface, the acknowledgment section also allows the students to thank the people who have helped you during thesis writing task.

  • Abstract

The abstract of a thesis provides an idea to the readers whether the content of your thesis is interesting to read or not. In an abstract, it is necessary for the students to provide answers to the following questions like what is the main problem, what are the main research questions, and what are the main findings of your thesis.

  • Table of contents

The table of contents provides a complete idea to the readers about all the chapters along with their page numbers.

  • List of figures and tables

You should also try to provide a separate list of figures and tables that you have itemized in a thesis.

  • List of abbreviations

A list of abbreviations provides all the meanings of the key terms that you have used in a thesis.

  • Glossary

The glossary provides a list of all the terms that require some extra information for their explanation.

  • Introduction

In the introductory section of a thesis, you will have to introduce your thesis topic, problem statement, and a brief description of the dissertation.

  • Literature review

A literature review provides a complete detail about the background information about your thesis topic.

  • Research design

A research design will provide a complete detail about the research plan and the research methodology of your thesis.

  • Research results

This important section of a thesis includes all the main findings of your research.

  • Conclusion and discussion

In the conclusion and discussion of a thesis, a student will have to respond to his research question.

  • Reference list

A reference list provides a complete detail about all the resources from where you have gathered the data for your thesis.

No doubt, a thesis is a lengthy piece of writing and you will have to spend a lot of hours to create a monument of your thesis. The time required to complete a thesis depends upon your planning, timeline and your strictness towards this timeline. Some students can write it just within a month and there are also some students who are not able to complete the thesis writing task even after 6 months.